Course: Testimonials

Testimonials: What others are saying about the "Complete Online Course in Personal Property Appraising (Featuring USPAP)" written and taught by Certified Appraiser Dave Maloney.What Others Say

Completing your course has completely changed my life. I have appraisal requests
coming in from all over Wisconsin and as far away as Michigan. My appraisal
business has more then tripled. I no longer want to be an auctioneer. My
goal is to be a full time personal property appraiser. – J.C.

I found the USPAP Update Course quite interesting and was pleasantly surprised. I thought the course would be very dry and boring but you managed to make it interesting and thought provoking. The real life examples really help to bring it home and see how it applies to the real world of appraisal practice. – B.M.

I just completed the online USPAP update course! If I must be honest, I was very much dreading this course but the case study made it considerably more interesting and illuminated USPAP’s relevance in the ‘real world.’  The plain language helped with comprehension, and I found opportunity to use the lessons to fine-tune my appraisals. With thanks, S.M.

Thank you for creating such a comprehensive course on personal property appraising. I look forward to ordering the next edition of your appraisal book as soon as it comes out, not just for the ‘Updates’ but also because my current copy is a bit in tatters! It truly is a wonderful reference. – M.M.

Your course and book has made my appraising a work of art (pun) for me. I feel very confident that the appraisal reports I produce are the best for the client, and that they are to industry standards for appraising. Again, thank you for you continued information and help. – J.G.

You provided me with a solid education in appraising. Thanks for always being available to answer my questions and to provide clarification when I was stumped! – T.H.

As a novice coming into the appraisal profession, I found your course and book to be outstanding! The on-line course is thorough, well organized, and easy to navigate. The book, a true appraiser’s resource, will remain a handbook referred to often as I work in the appraising field.  Dave, you are a gifted teacher and mentor. You set high expectations for your students, but are always there to help, encourage, and pass on your knowledge so that those expectations are attainable. I sincerely thank you and look forward to your guidance and commitment to professionalism. – M.F.

This course has been a tremendous leaning experience and I feel like I have step into a upper league of appraisal reporting and knowledge. I am glad I found your course! As a past teacher from many years ago, I know what you go through trying to teach students. I now can give my clients the best appraisal reports in a very professional manner. The course puts you into a different level of competence. Again, thanks! Your course has been wonderful and I now feel so much more confident when doing appraisal assignments. – J.G.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dave! You are a pillar of wisdom when it comes to USPAP and I am SO thankful we have you to make sense of some of these things. I am sure they are necessary, but sometimes they are just plain hard to understand in the context of the type of appraisals we do. Thank you again for taking the time to answer this in a way that makes sense to me. – A. C.

I want to thank you for taking the time to call me today. Your insight on this particular assignment is going to be very helpful. Your experience, knowledge, and willingness to ALWAYS help is very much appreciated. – P.K.

The “Complete Online Course in Appraising Personal Property” was my first online learning experience, and I began the program with some concerns; however, the course surpassed my expectations. Mr. Maloney has developed a unique and comprehensive personal property appraisal training package. The program is designed to allow the student to absorb the immense amount of appraisal terminology and concepts over a six-month period rather than cramming significantly less information into the few days of a typical on-site training course…more

I really enjoyed the course and I thought that in particular the question and answer sessions were a great way to gauge what I know and where I need to focus more attention. The explanations for each answer were really educational (even when I got the answer right). I regularly reference my USPAP manual, but now I know which areas I need to dedicate more attention to. I think you put a very comprehensive course together. One more comment, the case study at the end was a great real life example. I learned a few things from that! – M.A.

Since finishing your course all has gone well and we have done many many appraisals of all types and we get many compliments on the quality of the work and the document – thanks!! – W.K.

Thank you for providing this great learning experience, I am extremely grateful for all the hard work you have put in to developing this course which I have greatly benefited from. – T.F.

Thank you for the fine ACA’s Appraiser Update eNewsletter you produce. Unquestionably, it is the most consistently helpful information we receive for our core business – and its free! Keep up the good work. – R.N.

Before another day passes I better get this off to you ere I forget. I want to thank you for the excellent presentation of USPAP this past weekend in Chicago. What a dynamo you are! I’ve had some misgivings of always including the USPAP certification in my appraisals without ever having taken the USPAP course. It was as though I was making a claim to which I wasn’t entitled. So, I decided to take the 15-hour national USPAP course, and I’m glad I did. For me, it’s a good feeling to know I’ve been through the course. Thank you again for a well taught course. – R.S.

I think your course is extremely well designed, and your manual has already proven invaluable to me – I will be referring to it again and again. – D.S.

I feel like I really learned a tremendous amount from Dave and Bill. I have taken USPAP three times and Bill’s class was the BEST! – L.M.

I cannot remember ever taking a course, whether it be simply for pleasure or perhaps additional training for work, where I have gained so much knowledge in such a short period of time. And I cannot begin to imagine taking the Part II (USPAP) of your course without having taken Part I (principles and methodology) immediately prior. I simply would not have been able to pass the Part II USPAP test without first having understood the material presented in Part I. Your six-day appraisal course is well designed, well presented, very professional and highly effective. – L.Y.

Hi Dave, I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the class and found it very informative. Thank you for the ongoing updates to our course manual. It helps with the understanding of the appraisal process. Bill was delightful and a very good teacher. Many thanks again for a great course. – L.M.

Thank you again and again for help and support! I know that I have now have the tools and support to get where I want to go. I think that the course and the way that you have taught us to use every tool that is available to us was one of the most important things that I could have ever learned! I also feel that you are always available to your students, I know that you have been for me. – T.R.

Hey Bill, just a little note to say that I think you did a bang up job with the USPAP class. You kept it in motion and the interactive participation aided in keeping it alive. Thanks for being there for us. You are a great appraiser, teacher and friend – T.S.

Thank you for all your help and assistance in the core courses. It was an exciting and sensational experience that has helped me incredibly. Your personal input, as well as your extra side assistance was very important to me, and your company outside the classroom was very pleasant. I hope to be able to share more time with you. – E.K.

Nancy and I would like to properly thank you for all your efforts and excellent instruction during the courses. It was a pleasure taking the classes with you. your knowledge of the material and your ability to relate the information were exceptional. We know that your monetary compensation would not cover the ability that you brought to the courses. We are pleased to relate that everyone to whom we spoke was very pleased with both the instruction and the materials offered. – E.P.

Judging from the enthusiastic audience participation, the success of the course was due in large part to instructor Bill Novotny’s ability to convey the normally dry USPAP material in a clear and meaningful way with a focus on personal property applications. Bill’s profound knowledge of the principals guiding the USPAP Standards, joined with his many years in the field working as an antique appraiser, helped make the obtuse aspects of the document understandable. The participants agreed that they will be able to improve their USPAP compliance after this class. For personal property appraisers, the emphasis on personal examples made a big difference. The many senior and seasoned appraisers in the room were able to share experiences to provide examples of how USPAP standards can be applied in real-life situations. An often overlooked benefit became increasingly clear to class participants: USPAP compliance provides an important layer of protection from liability and significantly increases the appraiser’s chances to survive intense scrutiny in a litigious assignment. – B.N.

The San Diego ASA Chapter recently sponsored the USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) 15-hour full USPAP National Course and the 7-hour USPAP update course as well. In addition to antiques and decorative arts appraisers being present, there were gems & jewelry appraisers, fine art specialists, oriental rug appraisers and even some business valuators. Instructor Bill Novotny was terrific! Bill is a personal property specialist. His courses used discussion examples from the personal property as well as the business valuation disciplines. The principles, practices and reporting requirements are the same for all disciplines, and the test is the same, but when the examples given to illustrate the application of the USPAP Standards are from your own discipline it is a lot easier to understand how to put USPAP into practice in your everyday appraisal work. Interviewed after the course, the business valuation discipline participants said the course format worked just fine for them. – D.M.

I am grateful for having had the opportunity to learn from you and Bill. – D.M.

The experience and credentials of both instructors was so valuable and lended tremendous credibility to both content and presentation. Great Course! Thank you for excellent instructions! – E.B.

Your presentation was wonderful! – Z.T.