Course: A Review

A Student’s Review of the Course

A student's review of the "Complete Online Course in Personal Property Appraising (Featuring USPAP)" written and taught by Certified Appraiser Dave Maloney.The “Complete Online Course in Appraising Personal Property” was my first online learning experience, and I began the program with some concerns; however, the course surpassed my expectations.

Mr. Maloney has developed a unique and comprehensive personal property appraisal training package. The program is designed to allow the student to absorb the immense amount of appraisal terminology and concepts over a six-month period rather than cramming significantly less information into the few days of a typical on-site training course.

The major course asset is his well-written 616-page text book, “Appraising Personal Property: Principles & Methodology,” which contains thirteen lessons that walk the student through the learning process step-by-step, introducing new terminology and topics along the way. Each lesson builds and re-enforces what the student learned in prior lessons.

Supporting each lesson are narrated Powerpoint presentations that highlight important terms and concepts in each lesson. At the end of each lesson he includes a ten-question, self-assessed quiz that provides students with immediate feedback to ascertain if they have properly understood the material covered. Students can even take each quiz repeatedly.

Maloney has included an extensive glossary, and many appendices containing examples of letters, appraisals, IRS and Treasury regulations, and background information. He provides an online student forum and encourages students to post questions to which he promptly responds. He is also available for questions by telephone.

He includes a locally-proctored mid-term exam after the initial five lessons and a final exam covering the second half of the course at the end. The student is not tested on the over-60 page comprehensive lesson covering USPAP, but this lesson is a very beneficial introduction for any student who desires to take the 15-hour National USPAP Course in the future (which he encourages!) The course even includes a lesson which provides students with valuable guidance for establishing and running an appraisal practice, and even a lesson covering legal considerations of which the appraiser should be aware.

For a final course requirement, the student must prepare a sample self-contained appraisal report on an item of his/her choosing. This project provides the student an opportunity to put into practice the lessons learned in the class. Mr. Maloney carefully reviews the appraisal assignment and makes suggested changes and upgrades to enhance the student’s understanding.

In summary, Mr. Maloney has developed a comprehensive personal property appraisal principles and methodology learning package that a motivated student can easily complete from home.

Andrew Dervan  6/14/2011