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USPAP Update Course Testimonials

Testimonials: What others are saying about Appraisal Course Associates' Online USPAP Update CoursesI liked that I was able to complete the online USPAP Update course at my convenience. I did not have to worry about being late to class, did not have to leave my office, and did not have to suffer the expenses of travel and lodging. I learned lots of things that I did not know. This will allow me to “tighten up” my appraisals in more than a few areas. Thank you for providing this option! – T.S.

Thank you for such an excellent presentation and  USPAP Update Course instructional material! – R.R.

I especially appreciated your last section regarding problem solving and competency.  Being an appraiser who focuses on the narrow field of Indian and Southeast Asian art, I find that generalists make far too many assumptions and in doing so often get themselves into hot water. – E.W.

I would just like to reiterate that I think the ACA Online USPAP Update Course provided by Appraisal Course Associates is very well done. It’s a straightforward, understandable course and very comprehensive. I’m certain I will refer to it as needed for my personal property appraisal work many times in the future. I look forward taking your next online required course in a couple of years.  Please notify me when I’m due. – E.M.

Thank you again for your guidance and wisdom, Bill… It was unnerving how much I learned compared to past USPAP courses. I learned a lot and found out how much I’ve forgotten. Now I’ll consult the USPAP manual regularly. I liked the fact that I could take the course as time permitted, that I could navigate the course as I needed to and the content was presented well. I really appreciate your service and your sincere interest in seeing us through  the process!   A great service and a great product! Now that’s a successful combination! Thanks again, Bill. – G.Y.

ACA’s Online USPAP Update Course made me realize how important it is for appraisers to keep informed on all changes that may affect the appraisal process. I found all that all 6 Lesson had tons of information that we as appraisers need to tuck in our brain so that it becomes an automatic way of thinking whenever we accept an appraisal assignment. Thanks for keeping the course simple yet packed with great examples relevant to appraising personal property. I enjoyed it very much, and I now feel much more confident as an appraiser. Thanks. – E.C.

I found the ACA USPAP Update Course to be informative and useful. I made notes of several key elements which will henceforth be included in all my work.  – L.D.

Wow, what a great course!  It helped so much; I especially liked the case studies. You provide an invaluable service to appraisers. – S.H.

Your USPAP Update Course was fascinating and challenging; it cleared up many misconceptions I had…Thank you for an excellent review and an illuminating and concise explanation of the recent changes to USPAP. – D.D.