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Instructor: David J. Maloney, Jr., AOA CM

Course Description
Welcome to the 2016-2017 edition of the "Complete Online Course in Personal Property Appraising (Featuring USPAP)". This is the latest version of the course originally authored by David J. Maloney, Jr., AOA CM in 2002. The course has now been updated to include changes incorporated into the 2016-2017 edition of USPAP. The course has also been greatly expanded with score upon score of new topics and expanded discussions (including a 71-page mini-USPAP course in Lesson 7!).

This 2016-2017 edition of the "Complete Online Course in Personal Property Appraising" offers learners a unique opportunity to obtain an education in the core fundamentals of personal property appraisal principles, theory, methodology, standards, ethics and report writing from the comfort of their own home at the times most convenient to them. This online course in appraising provides the most complete educational opportunity for the personal property appraiser available anywhere - either online or on site. We estimate that the online course will take six months to complete assuming an average study time of 5 hours per week; however, many students finish the course in about four months.

This course is designed for those those interested in a professional personal property appraisal career and who are seeking competency in the principles, theory, standards and methodology of personal property appraising. Making use of the highly-acclaimed, 668-page book Appraising Personal Property: Principles and Methodology - 7th Ed. (Appraisers Press 2016), this online course provides a complete and well-organized series of Lessons all of which are designed with the nationally-recognized USPAP at its core. Unless otherwise noted, Lesson reading assignments refer to APPPM. The APPPM course book can be ordered here.

You will also need the current edition of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), (Washington, DC, The Appraisal Foundation). Purchase USPAP directly from The Appraisal Foundation.

In addition to reading assignments, narrated Power Point reviews cover the highlights of each Lesson in order to facilitate the learning process. This course also makes use of self-assessed Lesson quizzes and Review Questions to help the student comprehend the material being presented and to prepare the student for the mid-term and the final exams. Quiz results also assists the instructor in gauging the student's progress. Quiz grades do not count towards the final grade.

At mid-point in the course following Lesson 5 the student will make arrangements to have the first of two exams (100 T/F and multiple-choice questions) mailed to and proctored by a chosen proctor. The second exam following Lesson 13 covers material from the second half of the course (Only Lessons 6 through 11. Lessons 12 and 13 are not testable.) In addition to passing each exam with a grade of 75% or higher, the student is required to submit a sample appraisal report for review.

Testing: Lesson Quizzes, Course Exams, Final Project
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Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
Upon completion of this online course, Appraisal Course Associates recommends that professional associations and societies award 20 CEUs (200 contact hours). What are CEUs?

Course Objectives
The objectives of this course (complete course outline) are to provide the student with an understanding of the following personal property related issues:

This course is intended for the novice as well as the experienced appraiser who may be lacking formal training in appraisal principles, methodology or professional appraisal standards. There are no educational or experience prerequisites to attending this course; however, it would be helpful if students had market-related experience relevant to the types of property in which they intend to specialize in their appraisal practice. Such experience may result from performing in the past as an appraiser, auctioneer, broker, dealer, claims adjuster, jewelry store owner, estate planner, attorney, estate liquidator, or avid collector. Be sure to read about "Your Obligation to Become Fully Trained".

Course Fee
The fee for this course is $1395 plus text books and exam fees. Includes free access to the online course "How to Write Appraisal Reports".

Be sure to purchase these two books.

Purchase Appraising Personal Property: Principles and Methodology - 7th edition (APPPM) by David J. Maloney, Jr., AOA CM (Appraisers Press 2016)

Purchase Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (current version), (Washington, DC, The Appraisal Foundation)

Course Duration

Students should be able to complete this course within a six month-period if applying themselves about eight hours per week. It may very well take less time. Registration entitles the student to access to this course for a six-month period. Students are encouraged to apply themselves diligently in order to complete the online requirements within this time frame. During the six month period, the student is required to take both the locally proctored mid-term and final exams. Students may request a one-time, three-month extension period for a fee of $100. Here are some tips for online success.

A refund in full (less PayPal and text book charges, if applicable) will be made if a written request for a refund is received at within seven (7) days of initial registration.

Finding Your Way Around
Once registered, to not hesitate to poke around the various links. Get to know this web site. Be sure to read the site Users' Guide.

Lesson Requirements
Each Lesson is comprised of a series of reading assignments taken primarily from Appraising Personal Property: Principles and Methodology -7th Ed. but also from supplementary readings. Reading assignments are normally followed by a narrated video review of selected material. They may be followed by additional Lesson activities as well. Most Lessons also include a 10-question quiz to test your understanding of the material. These are "open-book," self-assessed quizzes which will not impact on whether or not you pass this course; however, they will help you better understand and retain the covered material, and they will allow the instructor to gauge your progress.

Students are welcome to take advantage of the course Forum to share information and ask questions regarding the course material with the instructor and and other students. The Forum will also be used by the instructor to highlight issues as well as to make you aware of updates to the course material including updates made from time to time to the APPPM course book. The Forum will also be used to announce news regarding the profession. You will automatically be sent copies of all Forum posts via email to ensure you are kept current.

Upon completion of the course (including the locally proctored mid-term and final exams as well as the final sample appraisal project), graduates will be awarded a Course Completion Certificate from Appraisal Course Associates.

*This course provides a very thorough instruction in The Appraisal Foundation's Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) such that the student will be capable of writing USPAP-compliant reports; however, to best understand USPAP and to obtain proof of attending the course and passing its one-hour USPAP course exam, the appraiser should attend a 15-hour personal property version of the National USPAP Course taught by an AQB-certified instructor.