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Dave, this book is fabulous! I have a new business in appraisals and it’s uncharted territory for me. My area of expertise is appraising coins and jewelry, but it is now growing into complete estates. – M.R.

I use your book for reference more than any other, I wouldn’t miss an issue. Thanks so much! – S.R.

Thank you, Dave!  Just purchased it!  Every personal property appraiser on the planet NEEDS your book.  Looking forward to reading “What’s New.”  Again, many thanks! – S.N.

I look forward to ordering the next edition of your appraisal book as soon as it comes out, not just for the ‘Updates’ but also because my current copy is a bit in tatters! It truly is a wonderful reference. – M.M.

This is a resource book every personal property appraiser should have in their library. I would even take the recommendation a step further and say many dealers and gallerists should have this resource in their library as well, as it stresses the importance of what a qualified appraisal is and what is involved in developing a report, writing a qualified report and supporting substantive value conclusions which can withstand review and scrutiny. The new edition is certainly a valuable tool for the new personal property appraiser, but what is also impressive is that the book has sufficient depth, detail and explanations that it is also a worthy guide for the experienced appraiser. – Todd Sigety, ISA CAPP, Appraiser Workshops

I concluded that it was very probably the most thorough book on appraising personal property available in the marketplace today. Moreover, because the volume was built around USPAP, it did not get bogged down in the competing terminologies used by various appraisal societies in their education programs. The book was relevant to all personal property appraisers using USPAP as their practice guideline.”-Stephen P. Sweeting, MRICS

I want to thank you for the book. I am so enjoying reading the information from an authority. Your writing is easy to understand and explains with great detail many of the issues facing appraisers. You are a wonderful teacher. Thanking you, – L.H.

Your books have been extremely informative and helpful to me, and I thank you for all the work that I know you put into them. – G.C.

I recently finished up the Needleart Appraisal Program through the American Needlepoint Guild. Your book was invaluable to me in the appraisal writing segment. I even lugged it along with me on the plane in my carry-on to San Antonio where I took my “final exam”. Thank you so much for all the work and knowledge you put into it. – J.G.

I got your book just in time for my big divorce appraisal, in which I used a quote from the book to support the value definition. My client “won” as they settled at the beginning of court proceedings on personal property because they knew we had the better appraisal. Keep up the good work! – V.H.

It is so right and proper that you should receive the award for your outstanding book. All of us in the profession should recognize the tremendously significant contribution you have made to the appraisal profession. – B.E.

Congratulations to David Maloney for his outstanding Appraisal Publication which I use frequently! He is right on the mark!! – K.R., ISA CAPP

I was thoroughly surprised when his fourth edition was published and sent to us for review. I went through it and noted the changes, additions, additional appraisal examples and discussions, reviews of the legal applications and implications, simplification of appraisal terminology, etc., and find that I must recommend it again. It’s a course all by itself and doesn’t leave anything to the imagination. There are new sample appraisals. There are very good explanations of government forms needed for IRS work. The information on hypothetical appraisals is a good reference and the Table of Contents and the Index are excellent. This new work will answer many questions for you and add to your expertise and understanding of the appraisal process. – Howard Rubin, National Association of Jewelry Appraisers (read review)

Clear, user-friendly, great cross-index, and sample appraisals, and the best explanations I have ever seen—simply put, there is no other book like it! I must say, your ISA award was “well deserved” and everyone… and I mean EVERYONE… who is an appraiser, or claims to be an appraiser, SHOULD HAVE YOUR BOOK. Thank You! – T.H.

I just had to let you know how much I appreciate you for writing ‘Appraising Personal Property: Principles and Methodology’. As a full time appraiser I find myself referring to your book when I need a serious question answered in a no nonsense way. You give complete and detailed descriptions on every aspect of appraisal writing and development. You have saved me countless hours digging for the correct answer. I feel that you have written your reference book without regard to the various professional appraisal groups’ own agendas and idiosyncrasies. One day I hope our paths will cross. – A.S., ISA CAPP

I find your book very interesting as well as informative. I completed my appraisal “core” courses eight years ago so find your book now to be a great source of information. I have been using it since the day it arrived at my office. The terminology is what I am used to and have learned in the core courses, so it is comforting to have your manual to refer to! Your book is great to use because it is in “plain English. ” It is a great resource addition to my library – it already has many little post-it notes marking pages! Again, many thanks. – Linda Maloney…

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